Cook In Shanghai Event

Cook In Shanghai EventRecently, BRIC was a part of something really cool! A couple Saturdays ago, the 20th of July to be exact, we sponsored two gifts for the winners of a friendly cooking competition.

Azzurra, an Italian restaurant in downtown Shanghai was the venue for the event. It was a nice atmosphere, where people were able to talk and mingle with new faces. The ticket also covered a glass or two of wine!

Shanghai Cooking COmpetitionThe cooking competition was just a fun element infused in a cooking class that is hosted by our friends at Cook In Shanghai ( The cooking class was demonstrating how to make tiramisu and how to pull noodles called ‘la mian.’

Two groups were established to create manageable sizes, with one group pulling noodles while the other group observed the chef make tiramisu and took notes. The two groups each picked a person that they believed had the best hand-pulled noodles.

Special Cooking EventBRIC was there to present the two winners with a gift to congratulate their efforts. All in all, it was a great day with delicious food.