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If you want to learn how to speak Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, or Brazilian Portuguese, the BRIC Method is the fastest and most convenient way to learn a language. Our online language classes use live video, whiteboards, and file sharing for a totally interactive experience with teachers based in the countries where these languages are spoken every day!  Do you want to learn Mandarin? Well, what better way to learn than from a teacher living in China?  Interested in learning Spanish? No problem! Learn Spanish from a teacher living in Mexico.  Did you want to learn Portuguese? We have teachers in Brazil that speak Brazilian Portuguese 24/7.  Our learning content has been customized for each specific language, whether you want to learn Brazilian Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese or Spanish. Because BRIC Language Systems is an online language learning program, we are able to tailor the programs that fit your busy schedule and meet your goals. Being online also allows you to take your language classes from anywhere, so you will never miss class because you happen to be away on business.  Click here to sign up for your free trial and start learning Spanish, Mandarin Chinese or Brazilian Portuguese today!

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